I am a front end web developer.

I love to study and solve any type of issues encountering during web development. I am really interested and focused on found the best solution in terms of performance and user experience. Interested in studying different implementations in order to achieve speed and compliancy to W3C roles.

Through my previous work experience I have a large knowlodge of mobile technologies and browser capabilities (iOS, Android, BB, Windows phone). Moreover I have covered responsabilities rules and have a strong experience in management of work groups. I like to work in team, discuss about best solutions for each type of work me and my team works on.


Work Experience

Usablenet - Developer Director

From January 2013 to now

Head of Development, responsible for delivery and organization of all company's projects. Majority of the projects related to companies in the Fortune 500 (e.g. Lowes Inc, CVS, Staples, Macy's, J.C. Penney, Officemax, Petsmart, DollarTree, Big Lots). Managing a team of 60+ developers, by organizing both work and teams.

Usablenet - Developer Leader

From January 2012 to December 2012

Responsible of development delivery and organization of mobile web sites projects of Retail New York team. Some of them are in the Fortune 500 (Lowes Inc, Staples, Macy's). Managing a team of 10+ developers, by organizing both work and teams.

Usablenet - Developer

From March 2010 to December 2011

Development of mobile websites of projects related to e-commerce and retail groups.

Personal Portfolio

Ardito Le Porte

Udine Serramenti

Max Mauro Tattoo

Kubilai Tappeti


Technical skills

Client side Languages

XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Frameworks & Tools

jQuery, SVN, Git, Unix Terminal


Accessibility, mobile web development, SEO


English, Italian, Spanish

How to contact me

Daniele di Benedetto

mail: info@danieledibenedetto.com

tel: +39 392 4637368


skype: dani7887